Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast acrylic sheet possesses unique technical properties and high strength.
It is easy to handle, machine and fabricate.
Its weight is half as compare to glass.
It is more transparent than glass, Cast Acrylic is ideal for complex machining processes and it can be easily and cost-effectively fabricated.
Cast acrylic sheets are widely used for  advertising display, furniture, screens / partitions and so on .

1. Excellent surface hardness and durability
2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
3. High impact resistance
4. Uniform thickness
5. Strong and lightweight, less than half the weight of an equivalent piece of glass
6. Up to 92% light transmission - higher than most traditional types of glass.
7. Environmentally friendly
8. Outstanding outdoor weatherability and UV resistance
9. Chemical and UV Resistance ability
10. Can be used for vacuuming, engraving, silk-screen printing, polishing, processing, etc

1. Point of Purchase / Retail / Exhibition displays
2. Furniture  Indoor decoration board, partition board in office and house.
3. Shop fitting / Shelving
4. Framing / Model making
5. Signage
6. Picture frames
7. Architectural applications
8. Glazing
9. Door and window cover
10. Parts for the medical industry
11. Light fittings or roof lighting
12. Screens / Partitions
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