PVC Sheet/Board/Panel

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a thermoplastic material having outstanding corrosion resistance, excellent electric insulating properties and good mechanical strength. It can be easily formed and fabricated using various techniques.  It is used for indoor advertising signs, safety glazing, frame covers, and all types of fabrication / forming projects.
High impact resistance and toughness performance
Easily thermoformed and fabricated,
Easy to Cut, saw, turn, drill, plan, mill, grind & screw
Weather resistant,water proof, excellent UV resistance
Resistant to most acids and alkali solutions.  
Aging-resistant, Printable and paintable
Point of purchase (POP) displays, advertising signs
Splash guards 
Protective headgear
Display cases, bins 
Menu holders 
Construction related uses , safety glazing, frame covers . etc
Food & Bottling plant applications
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